Mission, Vision and Values


Cape Breton University is a multicultural, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial academic institution committed to teaching excellence, world changing research and deep engagement with the social, economic, environmental and cultural aspirations of every community and individual we serve.


Cape Breton University believes in a world where universities and diverse communities come together to address the most pressing issues of the day and celebrate our dedication to lifelong learning, innovation, and creativity.


Cape Breton University values are formed through a sharing of cultures and heritage and a common view of the importance of students and the community.

Honouring Heritage

  • Our Indigenous inheritance and culture
  • Our inviting traditions
  • Our Island geography

Lifelong Learning

  • Commitment to empowering education
  • Commitment to student and alumni success
  • Commitment to research and academic freedom

Mutual Respect, Fairness and Equality

  • Celebrating diversity
  • Fostering intercultural understanding
  • Cultivating collaboration

A Shared Vision of the Future

  • Engaging with community through shared learning and research
  • Building strong citizens and flourishing societies
  • Promoting creativity and innovation