Harriss Hall

Named in honour of Victor Harriss, successful Cape Breton entrepreneur and one of Cape Breton University’s most significant donors, Harriss Hall is the newest addition to CBU’s growing campus community.  Beautifully designed and planned with sustainability as a key operational focus, this facility boasts 111 single beds, with a mix of private and shared washroom facilities, a 300 seat dining hall and central mailroom that services all on-campus students.
Harriss Hall

Keeping with CBU’s goal to be an environmentally responsible campus, Harriss Hall utilizes a number of practical sustainable practices that will lead to operational and financial efficiencies

A vertical closed loop geothermal system is used to heat and cool the building – a first for the campus and to the best of our knowledge the first university residence in Canada to use this technology.  Also known as an earth energy system, it utilizes 33 wells drilled to a depth of 400’. Consequently, it will require significantly less energy compared to typical residence heating and cooling systems.

Harriss Hall kitchen
The Harriss Hall kitchen uses a highly efficient ventilation system that will capture 30 per cent less air and provide similar energy savings. In a typical commercial kitchen, 56 per cent of the energy usage is associated with the heating of replacement air for ventilation.

Insulation in the exterior walls exceeds the requirements of the National Building Code.

Externally, the parking lot was designed using a Storm Water Capture System that allows rain water to drain naturally into the ground rather than directly into a storm drain for most rainfall events.