International Internships

International Internships offer students exciting opportunities to put the skills they’ve developed in the classroom to use in real world situations. Putting their knowledge to work will help refine and develop their skills along with offering the opportunity to travel overseas and experience new cultures.

Participating in an International Internship offers students the chance to realize personal goals while developing professional relationships and creating contacts through networking overseas. Such experiences also make students more attractive to employers when starting a career. International Internships will aid students in developing the skills and qualifications that employers search in a competitive realm.

How to Apply

The first step of applying for an International Internship is locating one in an area of your interest. The reason for undertaking an internship is to gain experience and knowledge in an area of interest where you may one day start a career. To locate current internship opportunities you can use resources within your university or college, as well as searching the Internet for International opportunities offered by companies around the globe.

Another consideration when applying for an internship overseas is in regard to the requirements and deadlines that are associated.  Each individual internship will have a different application processes and requirements which will be explained in the description.

When travelling abroad it is important to consider the area in which you are partaking your International Internship. This is an opportunity to travel and experience a new culture and way of life, so choosing an internship in a country or area that interests you is as important as the focus of the job itself.


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