Global Outreach Initiatives

In addition to the cultural diversity on campus and our global student recruitment efforts, CBU has seen our outreach include the mobilization of customized training programs on five continents for clients such as ExxonMobil, important faculty research and humanitarian projects from Columbia to Zambia, and our quality academic pursuits at the Canadian International College in Cairo. We have nurtured, developed and maintained excellent relationships in China via cultural, educational and business ventures. Hosting visiting lecturers, developing new markets and identifying new educational and training partnerships are all exciting components of our institutional internationalization. A significant investment in infrastructure and expertise on Campus in Sydney, NS, helps expand our horizons at home and abroad, specifically through the Verschuren Centre, the Centre for Cape Breton Studies, and the Centre for International Studies, to name just a few. It is through these centres that we strengthen local-global interrelationships.

CBU has more than 100 Memoranda of Understanding and institutional agreements, 50 recruitment agents, an exclusive international language school, the International Centre for English Academic Preparation ( , a partner campus in Egypt, a co-operation office in Beijing, a widely popular Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Community Economic Development and numerous exciting research projects – all of which demonstrate our commitment to global/local interrelations and outreach.