#CBUstaycation Challenge- Feast on food from a local food truck

You know it’s summertime in Cape Breton when all the food trucks hit the streets for the season. From golden fries to gourmet burgers and deep fried chocolate bars, these rolling vendors offer customers a variety of delicious foods. Be sure to check out all the different food trucks around the island, especially one of the most unique food truck around, The Little Rollin Bistro.

This delicious vendor doesn’t sell your typical french fries and burgers, nope! It sells an array of gourmet tacos, fruity smoothies and so much more. The Little Rollin Bistro is the perfect place if you’re looking for quality food on the run. With their unique style you’ll be sure to find something that is right for you and your unique taste. It even has something for the vegetarian or sea food lover in your life!

Check out some food trucks this summer:

Little Rollin Bistro

Bees Knees Diner

Fuzzy’s Fries

The Patty Wagon

The Bacon Bus

The Chip Wagon

Marty’s Chip Wagon

Cruisin’ Cuisine Food Truck

Smitty’s Chip Wagon

Fire Fries

Tubbz Stubbz

The Street Beast

Mountain Fries

Did we forget one? Show us your favourite by posting a picture to your social media and using the hashtag #CBUStaycation

Does it get any better than this? Yes! If you show your #CBUStacycation card at the Little Rollin’ Bistro,  you can buy one wrap and get the second half off. So don’t forget to bring a friend, unless you’re really feeling hungry.