#CBUstaycation Challenge – Picnic at a Cape Breton Provincial park

Everything is better in the great outdoors with the sun shining down, and that includes lunch (or breakfast or dinner….or a snack) – hey, we’re not judging!

Picnics are the best way to nourish your body and your soul in the summertime. But what could possibly make a picnic even better than it already is? Enjoying it from inside one of Cape Breton’s Provincial Parks, of course!

So make some sammy’s, grab your comfiest picnic blanket and pick your favorite park.

Cape Breton Provincial Parks:

Cabots Landing
Cape Smokey
North River
Lake O Law
Trout Brook
West Mabou Beach
Port Hood Station
Lennox Passage
Pondville Beach
Point Michaud Beach
Irish Cove
Ben Eoin
St Anns
Ross Ferry
Dalem Lake
Groves Point
Mira River
Dominion Beach
Usige Bàn Falls

Tag us using #CBUstaycation and #CBUfun and let us know what park you picked!