#CBUStaycation Challenge 8 – Hike the Skyline Trail

Hike to the end of the Skyline Trail

Would you like to spend a few hours or an evening with one of the most beautiful Cape Breton sea to sky views? Don’t forget the cliffs!


Where to find the trail?

The trail head is located on the Cabot Trail at the top of French Mountain, 20.3 km from Cheticamp (21 minute drive) or 21.1 km from Pleasant Bay (21 minute drive).

Things to know!

  • The length of the trail is 7.5km (4.7 mi) return or 9.2 km (5.7 mi) loop.
  • The trail takes approximately 2-3 hours.
  • The elevation is 290-405 m (950-1330 ft)

You might see…  

  • Whales
  • Moose
  • Bald Eagles
  • Bears
  • … and many different types of birds!

Make sure to bring water and a snack! Enjoy!


After you’ve completed this challenge, make sure you snap a picture and share it to qualify for the Ultimate #CBUStaycation Package, which includes:

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