#CBUStaycation Challenge 7 – Gampo Abbey Buddist Monastery Shrine

Gampo Abbey Buddist Monastery Shrine

I remember the day I first stumbled upon the Shrine. I was driving down Pleasant Bay Road on a quest for the trail head to Pollett’s Cove when out of nowhere came this incredible figure that looked as though it did not belong in Cape Breton. The Shrine itself is interesting enough but driving past a Monastery in Cape Breton is also a wild experience.


How to find it:

Coming from Sydney head towards Cheticamp and onward to Pleasant Bay. You will turn off of the Cabot Trail Road onto Pleasant Bay Road. Sometimes the roads are not well marked so when you turn left towards Pleasant Bay Road, you are on Pleasant Bay Road, continue straight. You will drive down this road for roughly about 10 km and will come upon the Monastery first and the Shrine is beyond the monastery around the corner.

Don’t miss:

There are some really wise and inspiring quotes on the stones surrounding the Shrine, make sure you get out and give them a read!



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