#CBUStaycation Challenge 6 – Swim in the Gypsum Mines

Swim in the Gypsum Mines

Light-green turquoise coloured water surrounded by beautiful rock, cliffs and a mountainesque feeling, a perfect marble ledge to perch on in the water and cliff jumping levels on the other side of the water; I kid you not, this is Gypsum Mines. There is also a little path you can take up to a stunning view of the mines and surrounding area. Caution needs to be taken when climbing up to this upper location as the path is extremely narrow.

gypsum mines_001

What to know about the mines:

  • Gypsum Mines was one of Cheticamps main source of income in the early 1900’s.
  • The beautiful walls around this amazing swimming hole are made of a type of rock called Gypsum.
  • There is an unknown depth to Gypsum Mines, it is extremely deep.
  • There are often ropes that go from one side of the water to the other to ensure safely crossing the water.


How to find it (from Sydney):

  • Head towards Cheticamp
  • Drive through Cheticamp as if you were heading to Pleasant Bay
  • Pass Leblanc’s general store
  • Turn right onto Cheticamp Back Road  
  • You will be on this road for about a minute, the entrance for the Mines is on the left
  • There will be a sign visible from the road with a lot of words but no declaration that its Gypsum Mines. Park near the sign and dirt road.
  • Walk straight up this dirt road (ignoring any ATV paths) and take the first right up the hill. The mines will be at the top of the hill.
  • It is a maximum 10 minute walk to the mines.


After you’ve completed this challenge, make sure you snap a picture and share it to qualify for the Ultimate #CBUStaycation Package, which includes:

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