#CBUStaycation Challenge 20 – Enjoy a Frozen Treat from Lick-a-treat

Let’s be real here, we all love our chain ice cream joints, DQ blizzards and McDonalds Mcflurry, cheap yet still delicious. But nothing really does compare to the product local businesses provide us. Creamy BIG portions of local ice cream! Lets not forget the fact that you can get ice cream dipped in chocolate…with sprinkles, in a waffle cone, this baby is called a drumstick, aka a party in your mouth. Go get your favourite treat from the beloved Lick-a-treat, snap a picture and tag us in it!

CBU Road Squads Amy enjoying Ice Cream

Where to find it:

  • From Sydney head towards North Sydney via Highway 125
  • Merge onto Highway 105 heading towards the Seal Island Bridge
  • Once you merge onto the 105  you will come upon an intersection (the 105 and Park Road)
  • Lick-a-treat is on park road ( it will be to your left) you won’t miss it!


After you’ve completed this challenge, make sure you snap a picture and share it to qualify for the Ultimate #CBUStaycation Package, which includes:

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