#CBUStaycation challenge 19 – Hike Uisge Ban Falls

Uisge Ban Falls is such a good sunny day, mini-adventure to partake in. It is an easy, relatively flat hike that results in a beautiful reward in the end (as every good hike does). If you plan to hike Uisge Ban for the first time on the weekend you will see MANY others hiking this trail.

What to expect:

Finding Uisge Ban should be easy during the summer as it has a nice sign at the end of the road to guide hikers down the road to the trail head. It has a big parking area with picnic tables and outhouses at the trail head. Before beginning your trek into the woods you can take a good look at the trail map to see which route you want to take. This trail is gentle and very enjoyable. When you are just about to the waterfall you will cross a walkway bridge over the river, stop and look up, the view is beautiful already! If you are feeling brave when you get to the waterfall be sure to venture into the water for a waterfall shower.

The hike before the falls is also extremely beautiful.

The hike before the falls is also extremely beautiful.


We would personally rate this hike as easy, other sites have agreed with that. The entire hike should take you about 1.5 hours and is roughly 3km (round trip).

How to find it:

You can find the entrance to Uisge Ban Falls at 715 North Branch Road, Baddeck Forks. It is roughly 14 km north of Baddeck.


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