#CBUStaycation Challenge 12 – Get a Waterfall Shower

We hope all of you practice showering as a regular routine but urge you to mix it up for once!

Grab a towel and some eco-friendly soap and find your nearest or favourite waterfall to lather, rinse, and repeat in!

Matt Jumping

Maybe you are camping or adventuring already and this fits nicely into your summer plans or maybe it will be an excursion specifically for this…. But either way we know you will have a blast!

Some things to bring along

  • Eco-Friendly Soap
  • Your loofa!
  • Flip flops (as needed)
  • Waterproof speaker (if you like to sing in the shower)
  • Towels
  • Plastic bags (for your wet clothes!)


Check out some of our other challenges for details on where to find waterfalls on Cape Breton Island.

PS…Don’t forget: There is no option to make it warmer!!!