#CBUStaycation Challenge 21 – Find Cape Clear

Finding Cape Clear has been my (Amy) summer long mission; which I have only been able to finally say I have conquered as of yesterday. It is not an adventure for the faint of heart and should in no way be done alone. I also made sure I took a vehicle that would be quite faithful as the road can be rough in spots and you do not want a flat tire in the back woods! Take comfort though, one thing I discovered yesterday is the beauty outweighs the long drive! 

Cape Clear Mountains

What to expect:

  • About an hour drive on a semi-rough dirt road
  • No cell service
  • Not very clear signage
  • Incredible Scenery
  • A LOT of mosquitos

Directions (From Sydney):

  • Take the 125 towards Baddeck
  • Turn right at the Red Barn (you will be turning off of the Trans Canada Hwy and onto the Cabot Trail towards Margaree)
  • Right Turn onto East Big Intervale Road ( Across the road from the Dancing Goat Cafe & Bakery)
  • Turn right onto Fielding Road- a dirt road (the first road on your right after Egypt Road)
  • You will take Fielding Road until the road comes to an end. You will pass many roads that look like they COULD be a turn but ignore them until you come upon a big fork in the road.
  • Veer to the left at the fork in the road onto Highland Road, there will also be a small sign that says ‘Cape Clear’ and points you in the right direction.
  • Once you veer at this fork, you will be on Highland Road, you will drive on Highland Road for roughly 8 km.
  • Once you hit about the 8km mark there will be an available left turn with the ‘Cape Clear’ sign, turn left.
  • Drive down this road for roughly 12 minutes and take your last available right.
  • The road will get quite rough so be cautious how far you actually drive your car in, you bottom out quite quickly. You may have to park and walk.
  • There are 3 viewing spots, so make sure you find them all! Each provide a different and beautiful view. I personally almost missed the first two spots and would have MAJORLY missed out!! The first one is the most breath taking!

Please be careful on this outing! Take into account you will need at least 2 hours to get in and out and take caution near the cliffs as some of the viewing points are on the edge of a high cliff. There is minimal cell service along the way, but at the end point of Cape Clear there is service.


After you’ve completed this challenge, make sure you snap a picture and share it to qualify for the Ultimate #CBUStaycation Package, which includes:

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