#CBUStaycation Challenge 1 – Surfing!

We (Matt & I) are so excited to finally share with you our #CBUStaycation Challenge! We thought of our absolute greatest adventures we’ve had on the island and compiled a list of magic. We want you to know that we really do have all you need right here on our beautiful little island to live your life to the fullest. Enough of the blubbering, let’s get to it. Our first (and favourite) activity that we want Cape Bretoners to try this summer…


Before you get all in a mess about how you can’t do it, let me first explain how easy and fun this process can be!

Where to go:

  • Point Michaud
  • Isle Madame

Where to find gear:

  • Hourly and Daily rentals are available at both listed locations.
  • Pricing can range from $30-$50 depending on how much time you want in the water.
  • Whether you choose Isle Madame or Point Michaud you can rent wet suits along with your board for a very reasonable price.

1X0A0205Why you should try it:

  • Cape Breton waves are generally small and friendly! They are perfect for learning!
  • Summer usually has smaller swell and a tad warmer water.
  • That moment when you catch a wave and stand up, or even just go for a ride, is SO fun!

A few starting pointers:

  • Keep space from other surfers in the water.
  • Practice how to “pop-up” (stand up) on shore before you head out in the water.
  • When laying on your board in the water, you want to have a balance of weight distribution, too much in the front will make you nose dive and too much in the back will keep you from catching a wave.
  • If you see a wave coming that looks like you could ride, start paddling when its about 15 feet behind you, keep paddling until you feel your board lock into the wave!
  • Enjoy the process of being in the beautiful ocean!

How to find these surf spots:

  • Point Michaud beach can be easily found via google maps. The surf rental is in the parking lot and should begin its rentals in July.
  • Isle Madame; if you are looking to rent gear then you want to go to The Groundswell. They have everything you need and you can even get out of the water and have a bite to eat after! Their address is ‘3281 Highway 320 D’Escousse NS B0E 1K0’.


After you’ve completed this challenge, make sure you snap a picture and share it to qualify for the Ultimate #CBUStaycation Package, which includes:

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