Northern Region – Spring Update 2016

The sun is shining, spring is in the air, and the snow is all gone! Looks like summer is right around the corner, marking the end to fantastic first year for the In.Business program in the Northern region. Approximately 23 students from all over Yukon and Northwest Territories will be gathering again for the final face-to-face event, concluding their year of In.Business of 11 biweekly extracurricular business-focused challenges with business-educated and seasoned Indigenous mentors.

 Students in grades 10 and 11 will be encouraged to apply again for the following year as the program is designed to build on their foundation and get progressively more challenging.  We ideally like to also keep all graduating alumni from In.Business part of the program as  potentially a Peer Mentor (a number of grade 12’s this year could potentially become Peer Mentors for next years program). Peer Mentors are previous students of the In.Business program who are currently in post-secondary school and want to continue to participate, learning while helping the next generation of In.Business students advance as they did.  These types of roles really help build leadership skills and can have a huge impact on a resume when they decide to start looking for work.

The final challenge for each year of In.Business challenges is the 60-Second-Sell video challenge, where each student records a video of them marketing themselves to a university selection committee.  This challenge helps students prepare and develop skills in self-marketing and self-promotion, which will be necessary for applying for scholarships, programs with competitive intakes, sought-after mentorships/internships, and even for summer and part-time jobs.  This final challenge will be judged by Dr. Keith Brown, Vice President International and Aboriginal Affairs at Cape Breton University, and Brian Smith, National General Manager of the In.Business program, with the first placing video winning a $1,000 scholarship and 2nd place winning $500 scholarship. *

*Both prizes are subject to which school the scholarship will be applied to; for instance the $1,000,1st place scholarship to any of the five partner institution (CBU, YC, UoW, NU, VIU) or ½ amount to non-partner institution, or $500.


Blair Hogan
Northern Regional Manager, In.Business