Meet Eleanor – CBU’s Newest Caper Buzz Blogger

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Hey I’m Eleanor! I’m 22 and a first year Caper in the Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism program. I am so excited to join Patrick and start blogging for the Caper Buzz, to help let everyone know what’s going on around campus, and show people how great our school is! First here is a little info about me.

Where I came from and how I got here:

I came to Sydney for the first time in September when I moved here to go to CBU, before then I had never even visited the East Coast, let alone thought about living here. Originally I am from a little town in Ontario called Elmvale, just north of Toronto. It’s the kind of small town where everyone knows each other, and the number of cows is higher than the number of humans living there. When I finished high school, I decided to go to a college about half an hour from that small town and got a diploma in travel and tourism. Afterwards, when I decided I wanted to get a university degree I also decided that I wanted to go to a school farther away from home. I had spent my whole life in and around my tiny community and really wanted to experience life outside of that. This was definitely a major factor in deciding to come to CBU, I really wanted to fully experience living away from home and see how it allowed me to grow as a person and discover who I truly am, and finding a school so far away from my home, that still has the same small town feel really made my decision to come here and the transition really easy. That, and the fact I could transfer the majority of my college diploma credits so I can get my degree in two years instead of four! So far I’m loving every minute of being here, from the people I’ve met, to the classes and professors, and just Cape Breton in general.ES 2

Some quick facts about me:

• I love baking, I know everyone says that, but it is actually my favourite hobby, I spend hours doing it and then force feed my friends baked goods.
• I have 2 older sisters and a little brother, and we all live in different provinces.
• I have two dogs named Frankie and Oscar. As well as a pet tortoise named Charlie, who thinks she’s a dog and roams freely around my house.
• I’m an avid Harry Potter fanatic.
• I love, love, love the Blue Jays. Baseball season is my favourite part of summer!

Like I said, I am super excited blog for the Caper Buzz and can’t wait to get started!