International Women’s Day meets #MyCBUStory

Judys ClassToday was a special day for #MyCBUStory. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Judy Roll’s “Gender and Communication” class about some student perspectives on International

Women’s Day. I heard incredible stories about the impact women have made on some students lives and the fight for equality.

Here are some quotes I pulled from my visit when I asked them about their thoughts:

“We need to have International Women’s Day because it’s a celebration of what we’ve fought for and it creates and awareness of what we still need to fight for”

“To me, International Women’s Day makes me think of my time in third-world countries and how women are looked down upon in different cultures. We are so lucky to be able to fight for our equality in North America.”

“When I think of International Women’s Day I think about the legal system and sexual abuse, and I think about women like Kesha who are victims of sexual assault and came out about it but nothing is being done for them and their abuser is getting away with it.”

“What should I do for my wife on International Women’s Day?” “You should show to her that she is equal to you.”

“The issue of wage equality between the sexes is evolving, but the stigma toward women still lives.”

“In the future, maybe our next generation, we’re all going to be looked at as employees and not by gender.”

“I’d like to know why I’m still being asked about if I have kids and a family in job interviews. Are men being asked that? What does my family have to do with my job? I know that what they really want to know is if I’m going to be at work or not because I’m a mom.”

“In my job we’re not allowed to say gender-specific terms, we can’t call anyone by ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’, and they didn’t ask me anything about my personal life in my interview.”

I then asked the class if they had a woman in their life that inspires them. This is what I heard:

“The little girl from India I mentioned, she’s the background on my phone after meeting her four years ago and I still think about her every day. She’s either three or four years old, they don’t know because they didn’t record her birth. She’s an orphan, both of her parents were killed and she’s passed around the community. She walks for a half hour by herself every day to school without shoes, but was still always smiling because she was so happy to be alive. She helped us carry bricks to build a wall even though we insisted she didn’t have to.”

“My mom, she was a full-time RN and never missed mine or my brother’s events. She worked her schedule around so she could be so included in our lives even if it meant going without sleep, she did everything she could for us.”

“Christine Robinson, she’s the director of the Ally Centre and she taught me everything about equality. She taught me it’s still important to fight to be equals and that’s why we need International Women’s Day.”

Thank you all for speaking with me today! The good fight goes on.

– Elizabeth

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