#MyCBUstory: The Introduction


Hey there!

My name is Elizabeth Arsenault. I’m an NSCC graduate, third-year business administration student, amateur photographer, Pinterest addict, and Saturday enthusiast.

Last November, I signed up for the amazing co-op program at CBU to gain some more experience before I graduate with my BBA. This January, I started a four-month internship here at CBU’s Marketing and Communications department as a “Marketing and Communications Coordinator”.

I do lots of exciting things with the department: I write blog posts and profiles on our students and faculty, develop content for our website and social media, conduct market research, and so much more! So far, my experience has been great. The staff are awesome, I love being “behind the scenes”, and I’ve already met so many new people!

Part of the Marketing and Communication department’s role at CBU is to make things fun and to keep people interested, so I’m going to be starting an Instagram campaign called “My CBU Story”.

Essentially, #MyCBUstory will be an ongoing Instagram photo-blog about the interesting people here on campus (sort of like Humans of New York). I’m going to walk around campus throughout the term and speak to students about their experience at CBU – why they came here, what they like most, and so on. I’ll later post their picture and story on CBU’s Instagram with the hashtag #MyCBUStory. Some stories might even turn into more in depth profiles!

So, to sum it all up: if you see me walking around campus with a camera, or just in general, feel free to say hi or stop and chat! I’d love to include you in our #MyCBUstory campaign and I hope you follow along over the next few months!

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