Chinese New Year = Best Night Ever!


What’s going on everyone?

I was lucky enough to score tickets to this year’s Chinese New Year event at CBU. I wanted to go last year but the tickets were all sold out. My friend Eleanor (who is amazing and I can’t thank enough for this) pulled some strings and I was able to watch as the Hospitality and Tourism students prepared the delicious food for the night. It was also my first time in the kitchen where those students are taught so that was really cool as well. I got to meet the head chef, Daniel Francois, and he is one of the nicest guys’ around. Take a look at the video to see it all through my eyes!

Folks, the Chinese New Year event will go down as one of the best nights I’ve had at CBU. There’s so much to see and so much to do. You have the opportunity to try some traditional Chinese cuisine, witness excellent musical performances and learn all about Chinese culture.

The night ended with a fantastic display of fireworks. I remember watching them from rez last year – I must say it’s a completely different experience when it’s happening right in front of you! If you were unable to get tickets for this year’s event, check out my video and make sure to grab a pair next year. Trust me, it’s a night that you do not want to miss.

-Pat C