Caper BUZZ – Campus Happenings!

What’s up everyone?

It feels like there’s so much going on around CBU these days. There are posters everywhere that talk about upcoming events – it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s happening. This video is just highlighting a few things. Before I get into that, I’d like to take a moment and mention that yesterday was #BellLetsTalk Day. I’m scrolling through the Caper BUZZ Twitter feed and I’m reading all of the tweets that you folks wrote and they are are fantastic. I think it’s an incredibly important day. We need to start talking!

This week, CBU will host its annual Chinese New Year event in the cafeteria. It’s on February 4, and it’s happening from 6-8pm. I was actually unable to make it last year, however I ended up watching the fireworks from rez. It looked absolutely unreal. I’m happy I get to experience the full event this year. If you don’t have a ticket yet, I strongly recommend getting one. It’s a great way to make new friends, learn about the Chinese culture and have a great time. get tickets by emailing

We also have Winterfest taking place next week. There will be tons of activities and events taking place that you won’t want to miss so make sure you keep track of what’s happening!

Last but not least, we have another House Council competition happening on Saturday. There will be an Ultimate Frisbee Competition happening at the Dome at 1pm. Make sure you come and support your fellow housemates.

That’s all for this week guys and gals. Have a wonderful week!
-Pat C