Yurij Salmaniw

Yurij Salmaniw, Calculating his future. 

Bachelor of Science (Honours), in Mathematics


The dedication and personable nature of math professors at CBU is what Yurij Salmaniw credits for his amazing experience at CBU. “I was always encouraged to talk to my professors, whether it was about schoolwork or otherwise. They were always available and constantly demonstrated a passion for their respective fields within the math world. This made the courses unique, exciting and incredibly worthwhile!” says Yurij.

Yurij is graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics degree. “I chose to focus on math because I have always enjoyed the sorts of puzzles presented in this subject area. Not to say it came naturally, but that it came more naturally than any other subject I could have focused on,” he says.

Yurij found opportunity after becoming involved with the math society in his first year. When he later became co-president, he became heavily involved with recruitment and promotional events such as CBU101, the Mall of Science, the CBU Open House, Cape Breton Regional School Board Science Fair and the CBU Society Fair as he played an advocate for the opportunities in math. Yurij became a frosh leader in his last year at CBU and became a student representative for the School of Science and Technology, later receiving the opportunity to participate in the Summer Talk Series which allowed him to present the research he conducted with Dr. George Chen.

Yurij became known as a character in the math department when the society came up with the idea to get custom math shirts made with pictures of the department professors faces on the shirts.  “We wanted to get a picture of Dr. James Preen’s face printed on the shirts and he agreed that a pixilated caricature version of himself would be most appropriate. It ended up looking like an 8-bit character you might see in an old Nintendo game. They seemed pretty popular and amused everyone greatly, so we continued the theme. We hope the tradition will continue with another prof from the department for next year. The willingness of professors to appear on t-shirts made by a society shows me that they’re not only an awesome group of professors academically, but they’re also pretty cool people in general,” says Yurij.

Receiving an undergraduate Natural Science and Engineering Research Council award in the summer after his third year stands out as a highlight for Yurij, but he says his success didn’t come easily. “I believe that the key to success in being a student, as well as in life, is to do your work, put in serious time and effort and try to enjoy the work you’re doing. Stick with it and understand that it’s not always going to be easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it,” says Yurij. The award Yurij received led to a fulfilling thesis project which he later presented at Acadia University.

His path in mathematics has not come to an end. Yurij has been accepted to multiple graduate programs for math, and has decided to continue working in the subject area of partial differential equations after receiving inspiration while working with Dr. George Chen.

“I feel that I have only scratched the surface of what math has to offer and I am certainly not finished learning! I will most miss the professors and the environment they have provided. It has been an incredibly valuable experience; far beyond what I could have ever imagined!” says Yurij, adding special mention to Dr. Geoff Lee-Dadswell, Dr. Andrew Reynolds and Dr. George Chen as some of the CBU professors that greatly impacted his educational journey.