Michelle Watson

Michelle Watson, Nursing Inspiration

Bachelor of Science Nursing


Inspired by her father, Michelle Watson dreamed of being a nurse from a very young age. “He had ALS for 12 years and never stopped being an advocate for his own health, despite the challenges,” says Michelle. “I will always be inspired by his need to find out answers and to improve the life of others.”

Michelle is from East Gore, a small community outside of Halifax and chose CBU because she knew about the small, community-like atmosphere at CBU. Michelle will soon walk across the stage to receive her Bachelor of Science Nursing degree (BScN), and says that she really enjoyed getting to know her classmates and teachers in a relaxed environment.

Clinical time during her studies was a big highlight for Michelle. “With such a small class, our instructors became our friends. They were easy to talk to about anything and so incredibly caring,” says Michelle. Some other highlights included volunteering for CBU’s annual Women in Science and Engineering event and travelling to Ecuador in February on CBU’s 2016 International Nursing Experience Trip.

Interested in palliative care, Michelle plans to stay in Cape Breton and has accepted an entry-level position at the Northside General Hospital. “I am so excited to start the career of my dreams, and so thankful for my experience here at CBU,” she says.

Michelle credits her success to the support she received from her family, friends and fiance. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my close friends, and especially my mother and father. With everything that life throws at you it is hard to focus on school sometimes, but with a strong support system behind you it takes the worry off everything else,” says Michelle.

Michelle adds, “I think that having the support of the professors is a huge part of becoming a successful student. My instructors truly cared and went out of their way to make sure every student was successful.”