Kara MacKinnon

Kara MacKinnon, Hanging up her Jersey(s)

Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Accounting


From a young age, Kara MacKinnon dreamed of playing for the Cape Breton University CAPERS. After being recruited to the Women’s Varsity Soccer team in 2012, she knew she made the right decision by choosing CBU. “I came to all the summer games and watched all their home games as a little girl,” says Kara. “So when I received the opportunity to put on that orange uniform, I absolutely couldn’t turn it down.”

Now, graduating from CBU’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program with a major in accounting, Kara says that she’s grown an unbreakable connection with the CBU community. “The teammates, professors, friends and others that I have met are a big part of the wonderful experience I had at CBU. I met so many people through a lot of group work and discussion, it forced us to get to know each other and I made some really great friends,” says Kara.

Kara chose a path in business after being inspired by her father and sister, who were both pursuing a career/education in the business field. Kara says that she was instantly amazed at how choosing an education in business could open so many doors and provide so much diverse opportunity for her. “All of the professors in the Shannon School of Business, and beyond, made a conscious effort to get to know me. I could easily find myself in a conversation with my professor in the hallway or in the grocery store,” says Kara.  “I don’t know how many other university students in Nova Scotia can say that!”

Among playing on both the Women’s Basketball and Soccer teams throughout her time at CBU, Kara also became deeply involved in campus life. When she wasn’t at practice or hitting the books, Kara was a peer facilitator for the Communication Department, volunteered at many CBU events, tutored business students and offered academic assistance to professors by correcting assignments and proctoring exams. “Managing time has to be one of the most useful skills I have learned over my time at CBU,” she says. “Keeping myself organized with assignments, tests, social events and whatever else was going on, led me to the success I really wanted,” says Kara.

Kara also notes that undoubtedly, the most exciting moments and memories that she has from her time at CBU are winning two AUS Women’s Soccer Championships in 2013 and 2015. “The sense of accomplishment and support from the school/community was unbelievable,” she says.

Upon graduation, Kara has already accepted a position at an accounting firm in Halifax, where she will be starting work and will go through the CPA program in the fall. Kara says she’ll always have a connection to CBU, and says, “CBU was the place I became an adult and there was no better place to grow up than in this wonderful environment I call home.”

Kara continues, “There are so many things I’ll miss. The people being first – my teammates, professors, friends and so many others that I have met are a big part of my experience. The soccer being second, now that I am a retired CAPER I am going to miss it so much. There’s nothing like a basketball game filled with the orange army or classroom filled with all your friends. These are moments that I will cherish forever and memories I will never forget. I just want to say thank you to everyone and everything that got me to where I am today. Everything about CBU has shaped me into the person I am now and the future that I will live.”