Emily MacKay & Tess Carrigan

Emily MacKay & Tess Carrigan, NSCC Transfer Students find friendship at CBU

Bachelor of Arts Community Studies (Honors)


After finding themselves in many of the same classes during their first year at Cape Breton University (CBU), Emily MacKay and Tess Carrigan came together in their second semester to collaborate on a project and discovered they had more in common than they had originally thought. Emily and Tess had both spent time at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) before transferring credits to CBU to complete their Bachelor of Arts Community Studies (Honours) in Psychology degree (BACS).

Having developed an interest in the field of psychology early on during their time at NSCC, Emily and Tess decided they wanted to learn more and really challenge themselves. Emily says she was always eager to do more with her research while at NSCC and found that her classes at CBU allowed her the time and resources to do this. “I had faculty to support me, resources to help me, and countless opportunities. My final year at CBU I was finally able to choose a topic of interest, go out and conduct interviews, gather information, and present my findings,” says Emily.

The young women claim the key to being a successful student is staying organized and keeping on top of school work, which isn’t always easy for students involved in extra-curricular activities like Emily and Tess. In their second year, the girls joined the Psych Society where they were able to connect with more CBU students who shared their passion for psychology. They say they have made friends through their involvement with the society whom they would otherwise not have had the chance to meet.

Emily and Tess say they feel very lucky to have had one another as a support system while completing their degrees. The young women worked as a team and became great friends through their academic journey. “I am so fortunate to have met Emily. It was great to have a friend to discuss course work with and also to share the whole university experience,” says Tess.

Following graduation, Tess plans to further her education and pursue a career in social work. Emily will continue her work as a research assistant at CBU, gaining knowledge and working with people from many different professions while she explores potential future careers and master’s programs to continue her learning journey.