Andrew Boogaards

Andrew Boogaards: Sustainable Success

Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development

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Submitted photo

After living across Canada with the exception of the East Coast, Andrew Boogards’ interest was piqued after researching Eastern grad schools and learning about CBU’s unique Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development (MBA in CED) program. “CBU stood out because the MBA in CED was so different from other MBA programmes. I have always been interested in the field of development, and this is the only school that links the field of development with concepts for sustainable business,” says Andrew.

Originally from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Andrew has been travelling for many years and recently finished his Applied Research Paper (ARP) on a remote island in South Korea called Imja-do while working as an English teacher. With his paper focusing on non-profit organizations that resettle North Korean refugees in South Korea, he was able to draw from his life experience to complete the assignment.

Andrew says the biggest highlight of his graduate studies was conducting work for his ARP. “The topic of CED is so broad that it gives the students the liberty to branch out and specialize in a number of different academic fields. I am very grateful for the opportunity to engage in this type of independent study,” says Andrew.

Upon his graduation from CBU, Andrew will be partaking in a three-month road trip across Russia in a support vehicle as he follows his friend cycling over 8000+km. Following his trip, Andrew will seek out and apply to PhD programs with a focus in International Development while polishing his ARP to submit for publication in an academic journal.