#CBU2015 – Thought Leadership on Higher Education Policy

In 2015 we have seen a lot of talk surrounding higher education in Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada. University President Dr. David Wheeler has actively been at the forefront of most of these discussions both in the classroom and online.


Nova Scotia Higher Education Policy

Fix university funding; invest in schools that keep grads in N.S.



Canadian Higher Education Policy

Why Canada needs a new conversation on federal and provincial funding for higher education



Time for a national debate on free tuition



The case for free access to higher education

http://forum.academica.ca/forum/the-case-for-free-access-to-higher-education CBU 2014-


2015 Accountability Report

The report details our performance in key areas of interest to our students, our local and international communities, our government, our donors and our faculty and staff. It is our intention to report on Cape Breton University’s commitments to our stakeholders in an honest and transparent way.