What happens when you put technologists and artists in the same room?

If you buy a drone-mounted camera, chances are it comes in a hard-shell black suitcase called a “pelican case”. It’s ugly, clunky, and heavy — making it cumbersome for the adventure tourism enthusiast who is likely to be using your drone-mounted camera!

But not if you buy a PlexiDrone. It comes in a sleek hard-shell backpack called the PlexiPack, which is less than half the size and weight of the standard pelican case… and looks really cool! It also made the PlexiDrone stand out in a busy market, and helped the company raise over $2.25 million on Indiegogo.

DreamQii, the company that makes the PlexiDrone, made the PlexiPack with a team of fashion designers whom they met at the DMZ (formerly Digital Media Zone) at Ryerson University, one of Canada’s largest and top-ranked business incubators for new startups.

Last December, a group from CBU toured the DMZ with its CEO, Valerie Fox. We met the team behind DreamQii and heard their story (at the time, the Indiegogo campaign had just reached $1 million) and similar stories from companies that were combining technology with art, education, sports, health, energy, and more.

Incubators, accelerators, and events like hackathons and meetups are great “collision spaces” — places where people from different sectors meet and share ideas. Afterall, when we talk about Startup Communities, we don’t just mean tech! What we all want is a creative community where we can explore new and exciting ways to change the world for the better.

Join Startup Cape Breton for a conversation about innovation clusters and connecting the tech sector to the wider innovation community: Thursday, October 29 from 6-7pm at the Centre for Craft & Design.

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