The Future is Here

Wednesday, October 21, 2015. A day made famous by Marty McFly and Doc Brown when they hopped in the DeLorean and went Back to the Future. You may have watched the trilogy and noticed the hover boards, 3D movies or video conferencing like skype and face-time, and thought, “WoW! The future really is here!” And in many ways it is. Even here at CBU.

At CBU we’re innovative and we’re always looking to the future and finding ways to make amazing things happen now. There’s no waiting around here! “Like what though?” You’re probably asking yourself.

Like many of the forward-thinking research projects that are being led by our world-renowned professors and researchers at the Verschuren Centre:

  • Comparative Analysis of willow-based carbons
  • Controlled atmospheric reactor research
  • Environmental Monitoring re oyster aquaculture
  • Extraction Specification – wastewater streams
  • Functionalization of Gold Nano-rods
  • Geothermal Potential – inactive mine sites
  • Green Mining
  • Industrial Wastewater Effluent Resource Capture
  • Nano-catalyst contaminant removal
  • Nano-composite membrane research
  • Nano-scavenger of dissolved oxygen and nanoparticle-based anti-corrosion filter
  • Soil amendment applications
  • Targeted Hollow Gold Nanoparticles for synergistic therapies
  • Toxin-free Gold Nano-rods

If you’re curious about any of these projects, check out the Verschuren Centre website to learn more.

So, what does your future look like?