Caper Buzz – Midterm Prep

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry I was unable to make a video last week – I was pretty busy catching up on some school work. I spent the majority of this week AND last week in the library studying for my midterms – I imagine many of you were doing the same. Part of this video shows some of the ways that you can get distracted while trying to study. Even in university, I still procrastinate and leave some of my studying until the last minute. That’s why I believe that finding a balance between your social life and your school life is so important. Organizing your work load and planning out when you will study and when you will socialize makes staying on top of your work very easy.

If you need a break from studying, there will be Open Mic held at the Pit on Thursday, the 22nd. Hanging out with your friends is a great way to unwind after a day filled with Moodle and textbooks. Also, if you’re a sports fan then you’ll want to check out the Capers Fall Classic that’s happening from Thursday to Saturday, the 22nd to the 24th. The Capers Men and Women basketball teams will be playing over the course of the weekend and we’re definitely in for some exciting games. Finally, the final events of the CBU Chemistry Week will be happening on Friday the 23rd! There will be some fascinating presentations, pumpkin carving, and a theory about how socks can go missing? I know I’m interested in this – if you are too then you should definitely check this out!

Folks, the style of my video will be changing once again! You will not want to miss the next installment of my vlogs! Have a great week everyone and good luck on your midterms 

-Pat C