Introducing: Caper Buzz

What’s going on fellow Capers?

My name is Patrick Cookson! I’m from Sydney, Nova Scotia and I’m a fourth-year business student at CBU. I’m a pretty average dude, but there are a couple random facts that people may not know:

• I adore Cotton Candy Ice Cream
• I am a huge video game guy. You name it – I’ve played it.
• I enjoy eating at fancy restaurants solely for the purpose of feeling fancy.
• I’m a Sagittarius…I don’t really know what that means but shout out to all the Sagittarius’s out there!

Folks, I am super excited to introduce the Caper Buzz- CBU’s new weekly vlog. I’m going to be at as many events as possible chatting with students, professors and keeping you up to date on everything that is going on! Whether it’s National Cheese Toast Day (which is September 15th for all my cheese toast lovers) or finding out about some really cool research happening at CBU, you’ll hear all about it on the Caper Buzz.

If you want to let me know about any upcoming events that I should attend, drop me a line at I’d be more than happy to come and see what’s going on! I hope to see all of your awesome faces during Frosh Week next week. Starting Saturday, there will be a ton of awesome activities going on that you can get involved with. Make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun.

Follow me on twitter @caper_buzz.

-Pat C

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