Caper Buzz – Multicultural Edition

Caper BUZZ Video 4 from Cape Breton University on Vimeo.

What’s going on everyone!?

Man oh man, I was trying to have this video out a little earlier this week for you folks, but you never know what your week will be like in university! If I could only offer one tip to you, it would be to stay organized. I believe that staying on top of your work is the key to success at CBU.

On a different note, there are tons of activities going on this week. We have Open Mic hosted by Taylor Burton happening from 7-9pm tonight at the Pit. Taylor and I are super excited for everyone to come on out and have a great time! We also have the celebrations for National Saudi Arabia day. It’s happening on Saturday, September 26 from 2-7 pm at the Dome. I am super excited for that event. I have a lot of friends that helped plan it and they are very excited for people to experience the culture of Saudi Arabia. I highly recommend heading to CBU on Saturday and joining in on the fun! Also, Lumiere will hit the downtown this weekend.  This Art-at-Night event is on Saturday from 6:57 pm to 11:57 pm. Lumiere is an unreal art exhibition that’s held in Downtown Sydney. There’s nothing quite like walking downtown looking at all sorts of neat creations – you may even see something from CBU!

Finally, we have Career Week events and activities that will be happening all throughout next week. Keep your eyes peeled as you walk around campus – you may see something that interests you! Once again, if you have an idea for my videos or you know of an event you would like me to attend you can send an e-mail to or send a tweet to @caper_buzz!


-Pat C