Website Project – September Update

As a stopgap until we rollout the new website in 2015, we've begun introducing small, primarily aesthetic, changes to the existing website. These changes – including an upcoming "facelift" – are meant to bring the existing website a little more inline with our new branding, but they are, for the most part, only superficial. Following on that, please note that we're trying our best to limit time and resources spent on the existing site, since it will be abondoned in 2015, while balancing the need to still keep it updated between now and then. We thank you for your forbearance. It's a work in progress.

Social Media & Inbound Marketing

We've also begun piloting a platform called HubSpot – which integrates with our existing website, and will feature more prominently in the new one – to help us communicate with visitors to our website, and especially to engage prospective students earlier in their decision-making process.

It also includes a social media dashboard to better help us manage the plethora of digital channels both inbound and outbound. A more detailed update will feature in a later blog post.