Website Project – December Update

In the last few months, we held Story Workshops with students, faculty, and staff, to understand how people currently use the website, and learn how they would like to use it in the future. (Click here for more info on that process.)

The task was then to compile the results, categorize them, and prioritize them based on a set of factors including cost, effort, alignment with strategic goals, etc. The result gave us a roadmap for how to build out the new website.  

In January, we'll begin testing that roadmap with interactive prototypes, to make sure the results of those workshops are reflected accurately in the functionality and content of the new website.

Website Content Review

In January, we'll perform a more in-depth review of our existing content to find ways to improve it and fill in the gaps. This will be done in close collaboration and consultation with department representatives.

While technical development of the website has been ongoing throughout this time, we'll enter the intensive development phase of the project after the prototyping mentioned above; and M5 will help us bring the website to life through beautiful design. The new website will be "responsive", meaning it will look and work perfectly on all screen sizes, whether you're using a large desktop monitor, a handheld mobile device, or something in between like a tablet or netbook. It will also be much more user-friendly on the content creation side. A more indepth update about that will appear on this blog soon.