Meaghan Calcari Campbell

Meaghan Calcari Campbell, Getting Beyond the Boom and Bust Mentality 

Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development

Meaghan Calcari

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For Meaghan Calcari Campbell, of San Francisco, it was the flexibility of CBU’s Master of Business Administration (Community Economic Development) that first attracted her to the innovative program. While researching other MBAs she discovered that CBU’s program could not only provide her with a strong educational core, but could also accommodate her busy life-style. “I was coming from San Francisco and working full-time,” says Meaghan. “I found no other MBA program that offered the same options.”

A Program Officer of Marine Conservation at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Meaghan is responsible for bringing together diverse interests throughout Canada and the United States to resolve conflict and ensure a healthy ocean and sustainable communities. She explains, “I make grants and build partnerships with organizations, stakeholders, indigenous communities and all other levels of government.”

For Meaghan, meeting and forming relationships with other students was her favorite part of the experience. “There does not seem to be an average MBA student! It’s a diverse group—in age, experience, and home country,” says Meaghan. “Sitting next to a former Ontario Member of the Legislative Assembly, as well as a Mi’kmaq First Nation leader, and a Chinese immigrant in the same class prompted fascinating discussions and learning opportunities.”

For others considering the program, Meaghan says, “Get beyond the Wall Street focus of many other MBA programs and really start to answer the fundamental question of How do communities, particularly those that are rural, get beyond boom and bust economic development opportunities and into a more holistic and sustainable path? Also, be ready for island time. Cape Breton is itself a unique place and culture. I had to learn how to slow down and relax a bit, coming from a large fast-paced urban area and I’m grateful for that opportunity.”