Jose Jomon, Following his Passion to Canada

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Petroleum)

Jose Jomon

Jose Jomon has known he’s wanted to work in engineering technology all his life, and that aspiration is exactly what brought him to CBU all the way from Kochi, India. After 4 years of hard-work and perseverance Jose graduates this fall with his Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Petroleum).

“My experience at CBU has been wonderful. Before coming here I was quite nervous, having never been outside of my home country of India. But, coming to Cape Breton was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It’s made me the person I am now and I’ve also met lots of wonderful people along the way.”

While growing up, the only thing Jose dreamed about was airplanes. For him and his brother airplanes meant the world. After high school Jose came to the realization that even though his passion may be for aviation, he truly wanted a career in the petroleum industry. Once he’d come to this conclusion, there was no turning back.

“I believe that science controls the fundamentals of the world and if you show some curiosity you will get sucked right into it. This curiosity is what drives the thoughts of every engineering technologist. Engineering covers all aspects of the world and with the right mindset everyone is capable of making the change they want to see in the world.”

Jose reminds those around him to cherish every moment because you will be surprised how much you are going to miss CBU after you’re gone. Jose may have successfully completed his studies but he can still be found auditing some of the classes, simply because he missed not being on CBU campus every day.

Graduating from CBU does not bring an end to his time on Cape Breton Island however; Jose is currently employed with a Cape Breton IT company and hopes to call this place home for as long as he can.

“I cannot wait for start my petroleum career here and discover what Canada has to offer me. CBU has offered me one of the best BET programs in the country especially for petroleum engineering technology, giving me the opportunity to work in groups with people from all over the world.”