Brandon Walzak

Brandon Walzak, Finding the Right Path to a Promising Career 

Bachelor of Arts Community Studies


For Brandon Walzak, of Sydney, NS, the road to university graduation was a winding one. The 21-year-old Bachelor of Arts Community Studies (BACS) student originally thought he wanted to become a nutritionist or an occupational therapist. “I changed my mind so many times, I even changed programs three times,” says Brandon. “I knew CBU was for me because it was more affordable to stay at home for my first degree. My sister and most of my extended family have all graduated from CBU and were pretty persuasive when I was making my decision. It also allowed me to continue working two jobs while pursuing my post-secondary education.”

A hard-working student, Brandon explains what it was about the BACS program that captured his attention and helped him find a steady career path. “My favourite part of the program was the work placement experiences. They offered a hands-on way of learning that you don’t get in other programs,” says Brandon. “You can actually explore careers and career related fields. I was able to do both of mine at an outreach center for mental illness. Both placements gave me a new perspective on poverty and mental illness, and taught me a lot about how different levels of our community operate. I am interested in pursuing a career in law, and these placements opened my eyes to the circumstances that may lead people to getting in trouble and having legal issues.”

Now as Brandon prepares to graduate he looks back fondly on his time at CBU and offers some advice for those considering CBU now, saying, “CBU is a great school with lots going on. I had fun in my four years here and learned a lot of things that will help me in the future. University is a big step and you have to do a lot more work than in high school, but if you stay on top of it, you will have a rewarding experience, just like I did.”