Bill Findlay, Earning a Degree with the Support of his Young Family 

Bachelor of Education 


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Originally from Ontario, Bill Findlay now has a full-time teaching position at Pictou Landing First Nation School in Pictou County, where he’s lived since 2010. Though teaching was always something he wanted to do, he didn’t decide to pursue his Bachelor of Education degree until later in life.

“The unique time-frame that CBU allows you to complete a BEd is what drew me in. Being able to start a program in May of one year and finish 15 months later was really appealing to someone like me who has a young family,” says Bill. “The small class sizes were also attractive. I prefer meaningful relationships with my classmates and instructors over being just a number.”

Bill credits his wife, Ann, for being the biggest inspiration on his post-secondary education, saying, “She filled in as my academic advisor, paper editor, tutor, and motivator while I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree. During the time it took me to earn my BEd she ran the house, looked after our pre-schooler, and kept me focused, all while working full time as a high school administrator.”

As Bill prepares to teach Phys Ed, as well as core P-6 subjects, he looks back on his studies, saying, “We were not taught just theory, rather we were immersed in practical applications for teaching. Developing lessons and implementing them in front of classmates was always great for a few laughs, but also provided a valuable source for self-reflection.”