New year, new opportunities… make it HAPPEN!

Whether you’re frosh fresh out of high school, a mature student who came back to pursue the dream, or a new staffer such as myself, the newness of the academic year brings with it immense opportunity for achievement, self-discovery and personal rewards yet untold. It feels like a new chapter – a fresh start.

To be certain, if you want to make the grade, adherence to the class schedule and syllabus is a good place to start. However, making the most of the year – making things HAPPEN! – takes more than simply going through the motions. It means getting involved in campus life, meeting the student body, staff, and faculty that make Cape Breton University such a great place to learn, work and play!

Whether you’re involved in business studies or otherwise, networking is essential in order to unveil opportunities, stimulate progress, and create lasting partnerships. As a relative newcomer to Cape Breton, I can say that the faculty and staff at CBU are among the most welcoming and enthusiastic people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Networking couldn’t be easier – or more beneficial – than in our diverse and interconnected community. Once you begin to meet people and get to know what's going on at CBU, you very quickly realize how rapidly your personal and professional networks can grow. You'll find ways that you fit in, ways you can contribute, ways you can enrich your CBU experience!

Want to make the most of the new year? Get out to frosh events! Join a student society! Your professors have office hours – use them! Get seen! Get noticed! Make it HAPPEN!