What’s My School?

The programs at CBU are organized into four schools: School of Arts and Social Sciences, Shannon School of Business, School of Science and Technology, and School of Professional Studies.  Each of these schools is led by a dean.

Unsure of which school will be your home here at CBU?  The following lists the programs that fall under each of the four schools.

School of Arts and Social Sciences (Dean: Dr. Arja Vainio-Mattila)

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts Community Studies

Diploma in Public Administration and Management

Certificates in Ethnomusicology, Theatre Arts, Heritage Studies, Public Administration, and Social Research


Shannon School of Business (Dean: Dr. David Rae)

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Certificates in Management & Administration and Professional Development

Masters in Business Administration (Community Economic Development)


School of Science and Technology (Dean: Dr. David McCorquodale)

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science Community Studies

Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Engineering (Dalhousie transfer)


School of Professional Studies (Dean: Dr. Jane Lewis)

Bachelor of Science Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (transfer)

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health)

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Technology (Emergency Management)

Teacher education diplomas/certificates


On Wednesday, September 3rd, each of the four deans will host a School Orientation for incoming students. Mark this date on your calendar and be sure to come out and meet the other members of your school.  More details on your School Orientation will be coming soon.  Stay tuned!