Rez Survival Guide

You arrive on campus for the first time, get the keys to your dorm room and begin to unpack. As your shelves stack and your drawers fill there is a moment of panic as you frantically root through your empty bags realizing the inevitable has happened… You forgot something. We all have our own ways of dealing with forgetfulness. Whether it is with a loud scream or silent sigh there is no changing the fact you have forgotten something. It could be your favourite hoody, a giant poster or in some extreme cases something as simple as soap…

Fear not!  Here at CBU we have started a survival guide to ensure that “YOU DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!” and don’t forget the necessities associated with residence living.

  1. Flashlight – Ever heard of snow days? Power outages can happen so always be prepared.
  2. Extension cord/Power bar – Avoid stretching cables and place your electricals where YOU want them.
  3. Toiletries (Including towels) – You have to wash sometimes… At least once a week.
  4. Stationary – Strange as it may seem students have turned up to lectures with no pen or pencil…
  5. Cutlery/Kitchenware – Although we don’t like doing dishes, these things really come in handy
  6. Glasses/Mugs – Because you don’t want to be drinking out of a bowl.
  7. Slippers and flip flops – Don’t play hopscotch avoiding the dirty part of your floors and flip flops have a multipurpose for the shower
  8. Fan – Believe it or not it can get very hot on campus.
  9. Books/Board Games/Cards/sports equipment – When technology fails you, have a backup plan!
  10. Decorations (include hanging apparatus) – Make the place your own
  11. Laundry Hamper  – Helps to avoid missing socks.
  12. Bedding & Memory Foam – Without bedding you’ll be using your towel for comfort.
  13. Clothes Hangers – Your floor is not a wardrobe.
  14. Mini Fridge –  Not essential but very convenient on those long study nights.
  15. Alarm Clock – If your phone dies you have a saviour!
  16. Backpack – Don’t be the Walmart carrier bag guy.
  17. Computer/Laptop/Tablet – These devices have many functions and are essential for last minute cramming or deadline makers!
  18. Lamps – A desk lamp may not seem necessary but can indeed brighten your life!
  19. Garbage bin for your room – That late night snack needs a place to go afterwards.

And last but by no means least……….20. CLOTHES – As strange as it may seem we are not a nudist university and do not provide clothing for students. Bring your wardrobe with you in preparation for the different seasons and some formal clothes just in case!

Have questions about our survival guide or suggestions for additions to it?  Tweet us at @cbuniversity or post pics of your essentials on Instagram @capebretonuniversity

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