Higher Education Leads to Successful Entrepreneurs

"Higher education leads to successful entrepreneurs." Those were the words spoken by Chief Terry Paul of Membertou during our Gala dinner at the Assembly of First Nations Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Monday night.

Chief Paul was one of two speakers at the event. He highlighted the valuable relationship that Membertou has fostered with Cape Breton University. He also spoke specifically to the importance of business education for Aboriginal communities: "We need our people to be educated in business… and the rest of the business world to be educated about the diversity in our communities."

Then Wab Kinew echoed Chief Paul's sentiments and emphasized that being educated and engaging in the economy does not have to mean giving up traditional ways or values. The two don't have to be at odds, he insisted. "You don't have to sell out to be successful in business."

Both speakers were passionate and inspiring, and bring significant energy and support to the work of the Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies.