Purdy Crawford Chair to Develop a Smart Phone Game App.

On April 23, 2014, the Purdy Crawford Chair team along with Brad Paul, a Business Network for Aboriginal Youth (BNAY) graduate and Mike Targett, Web Communications at CBU, spent the day listening to request for proposal (RFP) presentations for an application we want to have developed.

The Purdy Crawford Chair has made the decision as we look to expand our Business Network for Aboriginal Youth program to all of Canada.  We need to become even more technologically savvy to appeal to the Aboriginal youth of Canada.  The idea that we have come up with is a business related game application that will be used on a smart phone device, as well as, a PC.  This app. will help the mentors of the BNAY program administer their business related challenges to students of the program.

The RFP went out to companies from across Canada but, surprisingly the presentations we heard that day were all from companies based in Nova Scotia.  We heard four presentations, with four very different concepts about what they envisioned this game application to look like.  By 5:00pm that day, the Purdy Crawford Chair team had come to a final decision.

From what we heard that day, I believe the game is going to be something new and fun and I cannot wait to start playing it.  Planning with the winning company is now underway and I am very excited to see the final product.  The game is aiming for a release date late next fall and we hope to be using it in our mentorship program next year.  Stay tuned for more information and the final release date!


-Ann Terese