Youth showing what their made of!

As you may know, the Business Network for Aboriginal Youth is now in its third year. Since it was first launched in 2011, there have been 68 different students in our program, many of whom will soon be Canada’s Aboriginal business leaders!

In addition to attending our opening and closing conference, students complete challenges on a bi-weekly basis that are facilitated by the mentors. There are some students who go above and beyond what is expected, primarily because of their keen interest in business – Brennan Googoo being one of them. Brennan is a grade 12 student from Millbrook First Nation, and is currently attending Cobequid Educational Centre. I have been extremely impressed by his passion to learn about business. If he does decide to pursue an education and a career in business, he will no doubt achieve success.  Brennan’s latest task was to explain how he feels community debt will effect youth in the future. You can decide for yourself, but I found his answer very interesting and insightful.Here is the first part of his answer. 

“Debt is the simplest way of adding weight to the future to ease the load of today". Realistically, debt has the greatest affect on the future and its inhabitants (the ones who end up cleaning it up afterwards) rather than the subjects who are creating the debt in the future. The youth are the future and we will be the ones having to clean it up and take care of it once it catches up with our community. Our communities should concentrate on smart investments to take and keep us out of debt. Because investments are a great way to do that, though it is and can be a great gamble, are the best option towards battling debt. Although you need to make smart investments that ultimately end in revenue, because that's what the world runs off, "revenue"! So is there any better way to go about it? To read the rest of his answer click here.

To read the rest of Brennan’s work, click here.

-Allan MacKenzie