What did we ever do without technology?

I’ve heard this sentiment expressed quite a lot this past week, as well as, “It’s great when it works.” When technology it is working, I am very appreciative of the amazing things you can do. Such as, communicate with people quickly in an emergency and share information with many people easily. But, are we too dependent?

 When computer systems stop working or the power goes out, we still must be able to survive. In Canada this past year, I feel there has been a lot more of that awareness of just how dependant we’ve become. Have we forgotten basic survival skills and the joy of just interacting and focusing on the people who are physically there with us?  

Another comment I heard this week, “Isn’t it convenient that you can work from anywhere?” Well it is, as long as people understand that some things are less of a priority than others, even if you are accessible at all times. Sometimes, “I just need to unplug for a little while.” We are so attached to our devices that, at times, it does feel as though physically removing ourselves from access is the only way to get a break. I guess there are pros and cons to everything, why would technology be any different? Knowing how to use it and not become too dependent on it is important.  “Technology etiquette” isn’t something I hear about very often, but it’s important to be aware of. Teachers today, have a difficult time removing a mobile device from a student, even for an hour long class. So the alternative must be to teach them how to use these tools without disrespecting the people around them. Technology cannot be an excuse for not knowing how to function in society.  With that in mind, we try to move forward using technology to engage students while at the same time teaching them to interact without it as well.

 – Mary Beth Doucette