Aboriginal Business Case Writing Contest

Students in business at universities across Canada often engage in case study competitions. That is, they review a documented business situation, consider various ways of dealing with the situation, and then present their chosen course of action. These competitions challenge analytical skills and give students the opportunity to gain experience in making business decisions. There are surprisingly few cases, however, that address Aboriginal businesses and contexts. So how do you give students the chance to engage with Aboriginal business issues? You have a case writing contest.

In December, we launched an Aboriginal business case writing contest open to students in Canadian post-secondary institutions. Students are invited to learn about Aboriginal businesses through primary research — actually talking to Aboriginal business people. They're asked to write about the history and context of these businesses, to identify and describe a challenging situation the chosen business has faced, and then imagine themselves as instructors and create questions that test fellow students' analytical skills. The overall winner for best case study will receive $1000.

Eligibility and submission guidelines, as well as a template for the case study, are available online. Submissions are due February 28, 2014.

We hope this contest will encourage students to learn more about Aboriginal business.