Africa and North America: Indigenous similarities??

I was recently interviewed by CC Africa "Rising Africa"  principally around issues of Marketing within Africa and intercultural issues of marketing the continent to Canada. One of the comparisons I drew seemed to surprise some who have read the article. They were not disagreeing, but had never thought of comparing issues in some regions of Africa with those of Aboriginal Canada. I was pointing out the history of colonization, lack of understanding of the concept that land could be common property, a tribal system of government, artificial borders imposed by colonial governments, and the comparisons continue.

The nub of this disussion came from discussions in East Africa about the work of the Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies  and how our African colleagues immediately seized upon the relevance of the Canadian research and how lessons learned about best practices in Aboriginal Canada, can be applied in Africa. One may argue that visionary leadership and transparency of a governance model are universal best practices, and they are. However, when the context is applied within a traditional indigenous community, on either side of the globe, the road to achieving these ideals may vary from that of a "mainstream western" society. Context and applicaton are paramount to success.