Managing Land, Governing for the Future: Finding the Path Forward for Membertou

On Wednesday, we had our second presentation in the Aboriginal Business Speakers Series. Cheryl Knockwood, Governance Coordinator in Membertou, and Tamara Young, research assistant and student in the MBA program at CBU, presented the final report from the land management project in Membertou.

Almost two years ago, Membertou partnered with the Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies at CBU and the Native Nations Institute at University of Arizona to conduct research into lessons learned and best practices in land management in Aboriginal communities across Canada. It was the intention that the findings of the report would inform the writing of Membertou's own land code under the First Nations Land Management Act. That process is currently underway in the community and a draft is expected in January 2014. Following community consultation and revisions, ratification will likely take place in fall 2014.

The land management project was funded by the Atlantic Aboriginal Economic Development Integrated Research Program (AAEDIRP) and the final report is available to the public from their website.