Textbook Update

For those of you who have been following our progress as we work on a textbook on Aboriginal Business in Canada, you may be wondering where we are in the process. I'm happy to be able to provide a quick update today!

In March, we disseminated a call for proposals inviting authors across Canada to write chapters and case studies on a variety of topics, from finance and taxation to marketing and leadership. We were pleased to receive a number of submissions from both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal scholars and practitioners.

In early May, all identifying information was stripped from the proposals we received, and they were compiled and sent to a panel of reviewers that included both academics and practitioners. They were asked to review submissions for their suitability given the goal of the book and rank them in order of strength. They were also invited to provide comments on each submission. We greatly appreciate the reviewers' dedication to this task and the care with which they considered each proposal.

Yesterday — only six days behind schedule — I had the pleasure of notifying authors of the results of our review process. Twenty-five authors have been invited to prepare and submit chapters and case studies for the text. They have been provided with the feedback from reviewers to help guide their writing and with any luck by December 1, 2013 we'll have the draft manuscripts in hand.

I don't want to wish away time — especially since summers are too short here anyway — but I am looking forward to receiving the manuscripts and continuing with the editing and publication process!