The Cape Breton University experience!

My name wholesale MLB jerseys is Rebekah Price and I currently reside in Sydney, NS and am a mother of two. I have graduated CBU with a Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management Degree (BHTM) and I have also received a certificate in Aboriginal Leadership Development from St. cheap jerseys Francis Xavier University. I am currently taking courses through correspondance with Dalhousie University in Employment Services. what is a domain registrar I am currently working with the Unama'ki Economic Benefits Office and I am doing some volunteer work with CBU's Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program.

My years at CBU has built my foundation in education and has allowed me the opportunity Hacked to gain the knowledge required to be able to explore my choices in the workforce cheap NFL jerseys through my studies and the open door policy. I strongly believe that this degree as I am proof of it gave me and still is giving me the opportunity ????????????????????????????????? to work in any field I desire. I have worked in many fields as a result of this degree, don't get me Business wrong I also had to work very hard, dedicate myself, and was a determined person. Thinking positive, staying away from negative infuences and never giving up is key to success.

I have had the opportunity to sit on 新緑の小松島けいりん many different committees like TIANS Steering Committee (2007-2008),Wagmatcook Daycare Advisory Committee (1999-2000), Wagmatcook Interagency Committee (1999-2000) and have done volunteer fundraising work for the Heart & Stroke Foundation (2008 & 2009) and I am currently involved with CBU's Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program as one of their Mentor's.

This Tourism Hospitality Management Degree has the You option for you to critique your business courses while incorporating it into your degree. That is the key to directing your career to have a variety of choices from ANY position from a Front Desk Clerk to a Manager or even owning your own business. Just because it has the word Tourism in front of it, dosen't mean you are only limited to certain jobs. Tourism relates to all professions, one way or another.

I would like to leave you proteiinipitoiseksi with an inspirational quote by William Feather. "In education it isn't how much you have committed to memory or even how much you know. It's about being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't. It's knowing where to go to find out what you need to know and its knowing how to use the information you get"