Student Researchers

Fresh perspectives

At Cape Breton University, you’ll find research opportunities that will enrich your student experience and give you hands-on training and learning that will benefit you in your career. These opportunities are unique to CBU and will provide you with an amazing chance to work alongside world-renowned faculty members and researchers.

Emily Woodcock
BA in History and English

“Working with old primary documents to this extent has really made me appreciate the small things.”

Learn more about Emily’s research on the Robin, Jones & Whitman Company.

Laura Perry
BSc in Biology

“Studying canine otitis externa will allow me to help the veterinarians – that I one day hope to become – to better treat these dogs and give them the relief they seek.”

Learn more about Laura’s research on otitis externa in Cape Breton dogs.

Joshua Keller Horton
BA in Communication

“The one thing I’ve learned the from this study is that the easiest way to be civically engaged in your community, at least in my opinion, is to just live in your community.”

Learn more about Joshua’s research to improve civic engagement through blogging.

Mariah Hudec
BA in History

“I have always found belief to be interesting, because by understanding what people believe, I think that we are better able to understand their actions.”

Learn more about Mariah’s research on the appeasement or placation of fairies in early modern Scotland.

Did you know?

As an undergraduate student at CBU, you could:

  • work with world-renowned faculty members
  • receive internal grants that fund research


Present your Thesis/Major Project SnapShot

Our Thesis/Major Project SnapShot Presentation event gives students’ an opportunity to present key aspects of their research to a live audience. Find out more about SnapShot.


Tanya Brann-Barrett
Dean of Research, Teaching & Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Communication

Office: B-212

Phone: 902.563.1843

Brenda Leloup
Assistant to the Dean

Office: B212

Phone: 902.563.1304

Donnie Calabrese
Research Advancement Officer

Office: B212

Phone: 902-563-1832

Sarah Conrod
Manager, Industry Partnerships & Research Commercialization

Office: B254

Phone: 902.563.1842

Jodi McDavid
Major Research Projects Officer

Office: B212

Phone: 902-563-1107

Charles Sander Taylor
Research Officer

Office: B212

Phone: 902.563.1338